These links are provided as a service by the members of the Mauldin church of Christ. Although much great information can be obtained from these sites, and we do provide financial support to some of these efforts, we do not control their content.

Do not blindly accept what is taught by anyone, but follow the example of the Bereans, who "...were more fair-minded than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness, and searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so."  Acts 17:11 NKJV

Sites provided by churches and members of the church of Christ

Searching For Truth - World Video Bible School
WVBS online
What Must I Do to be Saved?
Searching for Truth World Video Bible School   What Must I Do to be Saved? 

The International Gospel Hour - Click to visitGOSPEL BROADCASTING NETWORK Online Academy of Bible Studies - Click to visit site Sponsored by Phillips Street church of Christ

Carolina Messenger Magazine  Published Bi-monthly Christian Courier - Click to visit site

The Gospel of Christ - Click to visit site
An evangelistic effort of the McLish Avenue church of Christ in Ardmore, Oklahoma

House to Heart Heart to Heart
House to House began in 1994 with the idea of having churches of Christ throughout the world cooperating to seek and save the lost through direct mail. HTH is a bi-monthly publication that has grown to a circulation of nearly 3 million. It is distributed by over 1,100 congregations in 48 states and 8 foreign countries, and has been translated into four different languages. It has surpassed the circulation of the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Oprah Magazine, and the USA Today. 

The Light Network
Daily and Weekly Podcasts
Encourage your soul. Enlighten your mind. Empower your faith.
The Light Network

Apologetics Press
For more than 30 years Apologetics Press has published and disseminated materials for self study, group study, or evangelistic purposes. Topics range from evidences supporting the Christian Faith to highly controversial areas that challenge that Faith.

In Search of the Lord's Way - Click to visit site The International Gospel Hour - Click to visit site
Greenville, SC Broadcast Schedule: Greenville, SC Broadcast Schedule
Sunday: 7:30am WLFJ 660-AM 92.9-FM
Sunday: 6:30am; Monday-Friday 8:15am WELP 1360-AM
Sunday, 7:00am: WGGS TV 16 [Charter 6]
Sunday, 8:00am: WYCW TV 62 [Charter 9]
Nationwide SearchTV/Radio Schedule
TV program also on GBN throughout the week TV program also on GBN throughout the week

WSOJ Radio - Click to visit site  A work of the East End church of Christ, McMinnville, TN
Click here for Streaming Internet Radio

KTTR Radio originally started as a terrestrial radio program at a time when internet radio was in its infancy. This internet radio station consist of preachers who enjoy the art of broadcasting with the sole purpose of preaching Godís word to an internet audience.

Sharing the Gospel 24/7 with live radio.

Listen Live

Tune in to on your mobile with Nobex

Truth for the World - Click to visit site Truth for the World is a mission of the churches of Christ. It is overseen by the Duluth church of Christ, Duluth, GA
Downloadable TV and Radio Programs Available 
Spanish, Chinese, and Bahasha Indonesian Site 
TV program also on GBN throughout the week

Click here to visit the ACOC Vigil Website Archives of Vigil, a publication of the Adamsville church of Christ

Click Here for Listing of churches on the web 


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What Must I Do to Be Saved?
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