Audio Lessons - 2007 Gospel Meetings

Winford Claiborne

May 13-17, 2007

Winford Claiborne, Evangelist

Theme: The Family

Director and Speaker of the International Gospel Hour Broadcasts 

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May 13, 11:00am - Restoring God's Pattern for the Home - mp3 28:51, 6.85MB - Note: Fair Quality
May 13, 6:00pm - God's Pattern for Husbands and Wives
Not Available
 - A transcript of a program on this subject can be found here
May 14, 7:00pm - Fathers Are Parents, Too - mp3 39:47, 10.7MB - Note: Poor Quality
May 15, 7:00pm/span> - Generic Principles Governing Relationships - mp3 34:06, 10.7MB
May 16, 7:00pm - Pitfalls in Marriage and How to Overcome Them  - .mp3 37:39, 11.4MB
May 17, 7:00pm - Our Heavenly Home - mp3 32:57, 16.7MB

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