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March 18, 11:00am - Will Morality Alone Save You? - Dennis Strine; mp3, 24:31, 18.77MB
March 18, 6:00pm - Why is the Dead Sea Dead? - Dennis Strine; Coming Soon
March 11, 11:00am - Faith - Dennis Strine; mp3, 29:37, 23.98MB
March 11, 6:00pm - Remember My Bonds - Dennis Strine; Not Available
March 4, 11:00am - Getting What You Need - Dennis Strine; mp3, 26:57, 21.02MB
March 4, 6:00pm - Pharoah and the Tactics of Satan - Dennis Strine; Not Available
February 26, 11:00am - Christ for Brazil! - Jamie Richardson; mp3, 45:59, 38.57MB
February 26, 6:00pm -  Does God Believe in You? - Dennis Strine; mp3, 28:50, 22.34MB
Jamie, Jonathan, and Tamaria Richardson
Jamie Richardson, Missionary
Belo Horizonte, Brazil/Jackson, TN

Jamie Richardson has lived and worked as a missionary in Brazil since 1984. Jamie and his family are currently transitioning back to the United States, in which they will support the Brazil work through writings, translations, visits, and instruction. Jamie plans to make about 4 trips to Brazil each year in this capacity. Jamie and his family are fluent in Brazilian Portuguese, spoken and written.

Jamie and his wife Tammy have 3 sons, Jesse, Joshua, and Jonathan. Tammy is the daughter of Donald and Ann Rhodes, who worked with the Mauldin church of Christ for many years. Jamie's work, in the past overssen by the Mauldin church of Christ and the East Main church of Christ, Tupelo, MS, is now overseen by the elders of the Greeneville church of Christ, Greeneville, TN. The Mauldin church has helped support Jamie and his family since 1987.
February 19, 11:00am - Negative Spirits - Dennis Strine; mp3, 26:41, 20.69MB
February 19, 6:00pm -  Peter's Fourfold Admonition - Dennis Strine; mp3, 24:14, 18.73MB
February 12, 11:00am - Truthfully Speaking - Dennis Strine; mp3, 25:38, 19.94MB
February 12, 6:00pm - Drifting Away - Dennis Strine; Not Available
February 5, 11:00am - The True Christian - Dennis Strine; mp3, 30:11, 22.74MB
February 5, 6:00pm -  Workers Together With God - Dennis Strine; mp3, 25:52, 19.62MB
January 29, 11:00am - God - the Refiner - Dennis Strine; mp3, 20:40, 18.92MB
January 29, 6:00pm -  Father, Forgive Them - Dennis Strine; mp3, 33:11, 30.38MB
January 22, 11:00am - Victory from Defeat - Dennis Strine; .mp3,  23:50, 21.83MB
January 22, 6:00pm - Pragmatism in the Church - Dennis Strine; .mp3, 27:04, 24.78MB
January 15, 11:00am - Unposessed Possessions - Dennis Strine; .mp3, 34:05, 31.21MB
January 15, 6:00pm - Hope of the Hypocrite - Dennis Strine; .mp3, 30:00, 27.47MB
January 15, 11:00am - Forgive Me - Dennis Strine; .mp3, 20:39, 18.9MB
January 8, 6:00pm - Refuge - Dennis Strine; .mp3, 26:21, 26.61MB
January 1, 11:00am - New Things - Dennis Strine; .mp3, 27:24, 25.09MB
January 1, 6:00pm - Not Available

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