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The church of Christ is a non-denominational body of Christians. We have no earthly headquarters. Our leader is in Heaven at the right hand of God. We are not affiliated with any organization such as the National Council of Churches. rather, each local congregation of the churches of Christ looks to God and His word for guidance. We believe the Bible to be the inspired word of God and that it furnishes us completely for every spiritual need. We stand for a return to New Testament faith and practice. And we are confident that by believing and doing what New Testament Christians did, we can be the same kind of Christians they were. We know this is right before God. We se no need, therefore, for denominational names, creeds, and organizations.
Jesus said that worship must be in spirit and in truth [John 4:24]. Worship among churches of Christ follows the Scriptural pattern.
When the Lord established the church, He organized it into local autonomous congregations, with each taking care of it's own affairs. He made no provisions for a national or international headquarters. In matters of faith all are to be guided by the New Testament. In other decisions, each congregation was to govern itself.
The work of the church Jesus built was to preach the gospel, as well as edify it's members and care for the needy. Churches of Christ do not exist as political tools, nor do they exist as recreational clubs. Their work is spiritual, doing what God intended the church to do.
Remember, Jesus built his church. It is found in the New Testament. We can b e a part of it by letting the bible be our only guide.

David Pharr, retired minister, Charlotte Avenue Church of Christ, Rock Hill, SC

"...upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." - Jesus, recorded in Matthew 16:18

" The churches of Christ salute you." - Romans 16:16

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